"Leash-Along" Collar & Leash Combined Since 1999

Owner inventor Richard Parups with his dog Mic enjoying a trail on Mount St. Hellens

The Leash-Along was invented thanks in part to a park ranger at Maryhill State Park. One early summer day in 1999, Rich Parups was intending to windsurf along the Columbia River Gorge while his 2 dogs Vilks and Sam ran about. Before he could even don his gear, a park ranger approached and told Rich that according to state law the dogs had to be on leash at all times. Rich had not remembered to bring a leash along so the dogs had to stay in the car making for an unhappy dog-owner and 2 unhappy dogs.
The next day, Rich sat down at his sewing machine convinced that he could make a collar that contained a built-in leash. After many different designs, he created the first version of today's Leash-Along. He outfitted Vilks and Sam and soon after, the neck of his other doggie friends.
As with all good ideas, the news of the handy Leash-Along spread and soon Rich was getting inquiries for the product. Every Wednesday evening Rich would sit down and sew 10 collars, selling them each weekend to windsurfers in the gorge or mountain bikers around Mt Hood. While the profits were modest, it paid for gas and food for all Rich's sailing, biking, skiing and hiking weekends.
In 2004 Rich expanded his business and started selling the Leash-Along at local Mom & Pop pet stores. Have you seen it? Do you have your Leash-Along?

Marketing and Sales: Diane Slamp with her daughter Lucy. 1st holloween for Lucy, Hope your Halloween was frightful!!

Diane Slamp joined Leash-Along in 2008 and has expanded sales in the Pacific North west dramatically. Diane is Rich's neighbor and lives with her husband Josh and daughter Lucy.